Fitness amidst COVID 19: How People Changed Their Perceptions

COVID 19 and lockdown have changed our lifestyle a lot. We have gone through probably the most unpredictable and unstable phase of our life in terms of health, financial state and social communication. Along with the other two, people start changing their perception regarding fitness and health due to this pandemic.

Changes in Regular Fitness Schedules

Even the laziest and most fitness-reluctant people on this planet start following a fitness routine to keep their immune system good and active. People who are already into this zone try to make their fitness regime stricter and more focused than ever. Many of them bring massive changes in their regular fitness goals to fight against COVID 19. They start finding out exercises that can boost their immunity and help them to withstand COVID symptoms.

Gym at Home

Since gyms, fitness centres and yoga centres were closed during the lockdown; people have to change their fitness schedule and start practising exercises at home. They think about hiring personal fitness trainers who can guide them with a proper fitness regime as per their requirements. This includes their age, gender, medical history and general health conditions. The trainer checks all these factors and then suggests them exercises that will;

• Reduce stress
• Boost immunity
• Improve strength
• Keep blood pressure regular
• Keep heart and lungs healthy
• Personal Fitness for Better Care

Mortons Personal Fitness program is designed to provide special care to the people located in Brentwood and the adjoining areas. Whether you are a busy interior designer or a homemaker or a corporate executive – we can design and offer you fitness plans according to your fitness goals and personal health conditions.

These programs are highly effective and safe since they are planned after talking to individual clients regarding their fitness goals. We have highly trained and experienced fitness coaches who can guide you thoroughly during 60 days course. Such course is a combination of a Progressive Exercise Programme with a Healthy Eating Plan. You can either come to a gym or try it at your home.

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