Food Items to Cut Down on While Fitness Training

Fitness and intake of the right food have a deep association between them. Training is challenging. It requires full dedication and passion for getting healthy and fit. This is why the professional trainers prepare a separate food chart which suits the exercise regimen. The physique trainers of the gym for fitness in Brentwood are one the best in this respect.

Avoid These Food Items During Fitness Training

White Bread

This food item has a harmful impact on blood sugar levels. Some cheap companies sell white bread with caramel colouring, which is not good. Hence, trainers consider this food as a red flag for the physique.

Dried Fruits

Fruits are high in fibre quantity, both soluble and insoluble. Dehydrated or dried fruits, on the other hand, have excess sugar quantity in them. They are added with sulphur to extend their shelf life. This way, you unknowingly consume high calories.

Pre-Cooked Salad

Store-bought salads are a fat bomb. They have excess add on ingredients and also high levels of sugar which affects muscle mass. If home-cooked, you should be careful of the elements you are adding. Dried fruits, bacon and cheese bits are calorie-rich, which is why fitness trainers will ask you to avoid them readily.

Diet Soda or Coke

This item is a no-no if you are undergoing a strict fitness regime. They are overflowing with antioxidants and gluten. Apart from having high doses of sugar in the form of artificial sweeteners, it also damages your physique entirely. The trainers also ask to avoid it since they increase body insulin levels.

Ice Creams

This food is a rich source of sugar, calorie and fat content. The trainers vouch against its intake if you want to stay trim and focus on building a body. It is also harmful because it contains processed sugar.

Fried Food

It implies that the food product is fried in massive oil quantities, which is extremely bad for fitness and health. They are the primary cause for heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

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